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WebDCR radio equipment.

Radio was a fundamental part of my childhood. I remember spending weekends during my childhood listening to the radio all day, and at some point, I knew the rotation of songs one station would play, and that the classical music station would always broadcast opera at 2 pm on Saturdays. As I listened, I imagined being the one on the station, broadcasting my choice of songs, and giving the same joy to listeners. At Dartmouth, I fulfilled that little childhood dream of mine.

I was delighted to learn that Dartmouth has its own radio station, and pleasantly surprised to learn that no prior experience as a deejay or radio host was necessary.

A lineup of shows that air on Tuesday at WebDCR.
A lineup of some of Tuesday's shows.

I learned the ins and outs of the different rooms for pre-recorded shows vs. live shows. Since I am doing a live show, I learned how to use all sorts of fancy equipment! This ranges from how to play specific songs on air, to using all the different microphones, to even fading in and out!

Still, I was nervous for the show. What if I forgot how to use all the equipment during my live show?

To my relief, my training was so thorough that it was hard to forget even if I tried! (And obviously, I didn't try.) What had initially seemed overwhelming came at ease. I call it a radio show, but it's really an hour where anyone can talk about pretty much anything they want. While I chose a loose theme for my show, I really take the hour to have fun, ramble, and play my favorite songs.

A radio show flyer with a high heel.
I drew the cover for my show, which is called Head Over Heels! You can listen to this, as well as other equally fascinating shows, at!

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