Shot of the north end of campus from the top of Baker Tower
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Picture of a sunrise.

You may hear that Dartmouth is big on the outdoors. That's definitely true; there are a myriad of outdoor programs and opportunities that any student can and often does take advantage of. 

One of the first DOC experiences first-years often have is trips. First-year trips is a time-honored tradition at Dartmouth where first-years get to explore the outdoors through multitudes of inclusive ways, such as but definitely not limited to hiking, cabin camping, canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking, and exploring the town of Hanover itself! With no outdoor experience whatsoever before coming to Dartmouth, my anxiety around first-year trips was only natural. Thankfully, there was such a wide range of trip options, making the experience a safe, inclusive experience that meets everyone's abilities. 

My trip was called Sacred Spaces. Partnered with the Tucker Center, Sacred Spaces was a trip for anyone interested in interfaith at Dartmouth. My trippees (other first-years on my trip) and I visited a bunch of religious and spiritual spaces around campus, and I found myself pleasantly surprised by the variety of faiths here! There were many religious and secular backgrounds represented even within my trip, and I enjoyed hearing their stories about how their experiences have shaped who they are today.

Group photo of Dartmouth students in front of the Ski Lodge at night
Sacred Spaces group photo! My trip group standing in front of a building

One particular concern I had going into trips was accessibility. As someone with a long list of dietary restrictions, I was worried that I would not be able to find food on trips that I could eat safely. Thankfully, I was able to meet the Sustenance Coordinator (the person in charge of all the food for trips). We worked together to find a solution that met my needs. 

Trips was a fundamental part of my orientation week, and I would do it all again. I highly encourage you all to go on a first-year trip if you are able to!

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