Shot of the north end of campus from the top of Baker Tower
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A bulletin board with a bunch of posters saying, "Free Market".

One of my favorite spots on campus is the Free Market, a thrift store run by the Office of Sustainability that is open to anyone on campus. The best part is that unlike other thrift stores, the items at the Free Market are completely free — no questions asked! 

I've always been more of a t-shirt and pants kind of person — not particularly because I wanted to be, but because there were no other options. Therefore, I wanted to explore my sense of style at Dartmouth, and dress as I truly wanted to. The Free Market made that possible. It has an assortment of all sorts of clothing items. I was able to get tons of cute tops, skirts, and pants — all for free! I even got my Halloween costume from the Free Market. My sense of style is always slightly evolving, but I can say with confidence that I feel a lot more comfortable wearing clothing that I genuinely want to wear.

Room with an assortment of clothes
Just a peek at the assortment of items available on any given day.

The Free Market also made it possible to stock up on winter clothing with relative ease. Coming from a warmer place in the south, I quickly realized that I was not prepared for Hanover winter. Thankfully, the Free Market had a multitude of warm, high-quality winter jackets. I've always gotten cold easily, but here no longer! 

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