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Much like all of you, fellow People Places Pines enthusiasts, I have many other interests that span outside of the academic realm, and one of the most important factors that contributed to my college decision was the amount of diversity in extracurriculars–Dartmouth's lengthy list of clubs intrigued me and kept me satisfied when finding ways to pursue my hobbies. Whether that be through a club sport, theater troupe, literary journal, or dance group, Dartmouth has a club for virtually every interest. These are just a few of the extracurriculars I am participating in this year!

1. The Dartmouth Newspaper: Whether or not you come from a background in journalism, The Dartmouth is an incredibly rewarding club for anyone who decides to apply (even if you have no prior experience in journalism–like me!). I decided to apply for Templating (the behind-the-scenes team that formats the printed layout of each section) after my friends convinced me to try it out for the first time. I couldn't be happier to be a part of both a welcoming community of people and history, as The Dartmouth (on top of the other awesome aspects of it) is also America's oldest collegiate newspaper!

2. Spilled Ink Poetry Club: If you take an interest in any type of poetry, whether that be free verse, haiku, or sonnet, Spilled Ink is the perfect extracurricular to join if you need a place for your creativity to flow! I joined this club at the beginning of the term and have had such an amazing experience writing poetry alongside others with the same taste in creative writing. Each hour-long meeting begins with analyzing a poem of a specific form and ends with free time to write and peer-edit each other's pieces of work. I couldn't be more excited to participate in their poetry slam event being held during the eighth week of this term–watch for a possible blog post about this in the near future!

3. Dartmouth Chamber Orchestra: Similar to the other two aforementioned clubs, the Dartmouth Chamber Orchestra (DCO) is yet another activity that I have not participated in before this term. As you may remember, I played for the Dartmouth College Wind Ensemble (DCWE) last fall, but I wanted to try something different this year. The Dartmouth Chamber Orchestra is a student-led ensemble that welcomes players of all experience levels! This term, our repertoire consists of pieces like "The Blue Danube Waltz," "Rhapsody in Blue," and even a medley from "How to Train Your Dragon!" Expect a blog post later in the term about this activity as well.

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