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Next week marks the end of the fall term and the start of winter break! In this post, I want to share some reflections on my 3rd (!) fall at Dartmouth and share some of my plans for the upcoming 6-week break.

This fall has been incredibly hectic but simultaneously rewarding. It was an opportunity to take a deep dive into anthropology, my second declared major, with all three classes in the anthropology department! A class that I surprisingly enjoyed was Human Anatomy, which I had taken to fulfill a science and lab graduation requirement. Learning about the human body was a deeply rewarding experience, especially through our review sessions looking at muscles and osteology in the cadaver lab at the Geisel School of Medicine. My other two classes, centered around research methods and comparative gender studies, gave me tools to gather, analyze, and critically think about qualitative data. My courses struck a perfect balance between intensity and manageability this term. 

I've also had many opportunities to get work experience this summer, especially improving my video production skills. I wrote about this in my previous article, so I recommend giving it a look! The winter break will allow me to continue to be creative and work on my video skills, which I'm really excited about. 

The fall has also just been lots of fun! Homecoming festivities were especially a highlight, as the whole campus was able to come together to celebrate events like the bonfire and homecoming parade. In addition, being able to experience the beautiful fall foliage with my friends is always a highlight of the fall season at Dartmouth. 

Looking towards the winterim (winter interim), I'm excited to have a long, 6-week break after a busy fall term. I'm on in the winter, so I want to prioritize resting and spending time with family before classes start again. Dartmouth terms can take a lot of energy out of me, due to all the coursework, work experience, research, and fun memories I can make in short, 10-week long bursts. However, whenever I reflect on a Dartmouth term, I'm amazed at how much I grew and accomplished in such a short span of time. While the 10-week terms can certainly be intense, I think it is this intensity that helps me develop as an individual and grow closer to my goals every day!

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