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Type 'Dartmouth' into Google Images, and you'll be bombarded with a slew of scenic imagery: trees, hills, historic buildings, the Green. There's no doubt that Dartmouth is a proudly scenic campus. For me personally, the aesthetic appeal of the campus was a significant factor in my decision to apply. Now that I've been on campus for a few months, I'd like to share some of my favorite spots on campus with you readers!

One of the places that I've been surprised to find myself the most is the Hopkins Center for the Arts, or the HOP. All of the movies, art exhibits, and concerts at Dartmouth take place there, a large glass building in front of the Green. Additionally, it is home to the Courtyard Cafe. This is where I eat most of my meals - they have delicious pub foods like burgers, quesadillas, sandwiches, and daily lunch and dinner specials. The food is made fresh right in front of students' eyes, and the menu always has enough variety to keep things interesting. Aside from eating at the HOP, I've also picked up the mandolin during my fall term. The basement of the HOP holds an array of practice rooms that students can use at any time, and I've taken advantage of these private rehearsal spaces. Being able to have a quiet room to practice is definitely an effective way to decompress after a long week of readings and classes!

Another place I spend a lot of time in is Berry library, which is the main library attached to the Baker Tower building seen in every Dartmouth brochure, ever. It's an awesome place to study alone, or with others; the abundance of space means that it is probably the most popular study spot on campus. While some people may be distracted by the noise of study groups chattering and the bustle of people coming and going, I find that having a little white noise helps me focus on my work. Also, if I'm studying with others it is nice to be able to talk with them without having an expectation for dead silence in the room.

Here's a view of the Fayerweather freshman dorm building!

While it may seem cliche, my dorm building is actually one of my favorite spots on campus! I was assigned into the Fayerweather building, which is one of the largest freshman dorms located almost directly in the center of campus. This means that going anywhere is easy and accessible. My dorm itself is also a pleasant place to relax and even do work; the tall ceilings make the room feel large and non-claustrophobic. From what I've heard, freshmen tend to develop a sentimental feeling to their assigned dorm building, and that has definitely been true in my case.

The name of our blog is very telling: People Places Pines. Dartmouth has a true sense of Place, and this is something that all Dartmouth students come to discover while living in Hanover. It has been tons of fun getting acclimated to this new environment, and I'm excited to explore all the nooks and crannies of this campus in the coming years.


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