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In high school, I was mostly externally motivated to achieve things, whether for classes or extracurricular activities, to propel myself toward college. Now that I am in college, it's time for me to pursue passion projects of my own!

When I first arrived at Dartmouth, I was amazed by the array of opportunities that awaited me. From clubs to research projects, the possibilities were endless. However, amidst the hustle and bustle of academic life, I realized that personal passion projects often take a backseat in discussions about college life. It was up to me to carve out a space for my creative endeavors.

With this blog post, I want to shed light on how I made time for a personal passion project of mine, my online blog, "Write Your Tongue." I have always loved writing (ahem...I am a blogger for "People Places Pines," after all) and have had the idea of having my blog site for a very long time. I believe the culture at Dartmouth encourages me to go for things I desire the most. I feel empowered to stay true to myself and pursue my passions. My blog fits right in with everything else I'm doing on campus. I envision my blog to be a space for me to reflect on my everyday experiences in written, visual, and sonic form. While not everything I write is directly related to Dartmouth, my time here has undeniably shaped my reflective spirit.

One of the unexpected benefits of pursuing my blog was the chance to apply what I had learned in the classroom. A Design Thinking course I took during the winter term provided me with valuable design principles that I could incorporate into my blog's layout and user experience. It was a testament to Dartmouth's commitment to holistic learning, where classroom knowledge seamlessly blends with real-world endeavors. In the end, Dartmouth's culture has been instrumental in allowing me to explore my adventurous spirit and embrace my passions. Pursuing passion projects independently at Dartmouth is not only possible but also encouraged. The college's unique culture, rich with opportunities and a supportive community, allows students to explore their interests beyond the confines of classes and extracurricular activities. Whether it's starting a blog, launching a creative endeavor, or embarking on a personal journey, Dartmouth provides the perfect backdrop for turning dreams into reality. It's a place where passion projects are valued, and self-discovery takes the wheel.

My blog, "Write Your Tongue," is not just a personal project; it's a testament to the limitless opportunities that Dartmouth offers to those who dare to dream. I'm grateful that Dartmouth's culture enabled me to take a leap and delve into my adventurous spirit in the ways I choose.

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