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Photo taken in front of Baker Library

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog page! My name is Batuhan, and it feels crazy to say that I am now at Dartmouth in Hanover, New Hampshire. It is a pleasure to be blogging for the Admissions Office, and I hope my entries yield insight into my journey at Dartmouth. I grew up in Istanbul and a neighboring province called Kocaeli in Turkey, and I have never been to the States before. Istanbul is lucky if there are one or two days of snowfall, so Dartmouth is a little different from what I am used to in terms of weather conditions. I cannot wait to see what awaits me in my new home seven time zones away from home!

Baker Library
Mandatory picture of the Baker Berry Library that is on all 26s camera rolls

I'm hoping to pursue some hybrid of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Economics, Government, and (maybe) Studio Art at Dartmouth. Nevertheless, I am known for my chronic indecision, so everything is subject to change for now. I'm excited to take advantage of the liberal arts at Dartmouth and try (excel and fail!) in subject areas I have never explored before. As a resident expert on YouTube rabbit holes, delving into seemingly random subjects is well within my comfort zone. When I am not studying or at dance practice, you can find me reciting an entire manual on pulling espresso shots, making Middle Eastern electropop playlists on Spotify, and examining post-WW2 European politics through the Eurovision Song Contest.

Often in high school, I felt out of place for not doing what everyone else was doing and being uninterested in following the bandwagon. I did not have the highest GPA, highest SAT scores, or a patent for an invention that would solve a global issue. I commend everyone who has made a material difference in their communities, but I was simply not that person. In my applications, I focused on being genuine in talking about my passions. I wrote a portion of my application essays on why I ask people about their favorite smell as an icebreaker, gender-bending trends in ready-to-wear fashion, and my passion for skincare and cosmetic chemistry. In other words, I was willing to share intimate details about myself and my aspirations.

I am still working on finding my place in Hanover given it has only been two weeks. So far, everyone has been so welcoming and accommodating. I was met with love and acceptance from the get-go, whether it be through International Orientation (ISPOP), First-Year Trips (stay tuned for this one!), or a simple "Hello" or "I love your necklace" from another student as I walk by. I am beyond grateful that the authenticity I channeled in my application led me to Dartmouth, where I will call home for the next four years and beyond!

I hope you found my first post insightful, and I cannot wait to share my Dartmouth journey with all of you!

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