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One Wheelock!

I have countlessly overheard my fellow 26's complaining about not having found their "study spot" on campus. In a quest to find the "perfect" study space for me, I went on a mission over the past two weeks to try studying at various places on campus. I am pretty sure I found the one that works for me, and I am not in the mood for gatekeeping. Here is why One Wheelock is my "study spot" at Dartmouth!

Dartmouth offers a combination of silent and social study spaces in libraries and beyond. There are multiple options within the main library system at Dartmouth, Baker-Berry library. The list of study spaces in Baker-Berry is almost endless, but I was particularly amazed by the social-to-silent progression from the first floor to the fourth floor of Berry. First floor Berry is the most social out of the floors, which makes it an optimal space for group work or "social studying" with friends. Fourth-floor Berry is optimal for studying in complete silence for those who work best under silent conditions!

Contrary to popular opinion, I find it hard to focus on my tasks in silent spaces designated for studying. However, I also struggle to work in fundamentally social study spaces unless I am working with a group. Thus, I needed a space outside the library system, social enough to talk with friends, and silent enough to focus on work. This is where One Wheelock enters the picture!

One Wheelock!
One Wheelock!

One Wheelock is in the basement of the Collis Student Center. As pictured above, it features comfy leather couches, rugs, and coffee tables to emulate a home-like feeling. The lighting is on the dimmer side, which I personally prefer in my personal spaces.

The couch I generally find myself sitting on
The long couch I generally find myself sitting on

The space is not as uniformly organized as a library, and I like that I do not feel like I am in a space that is solely designated for studying.

One Wheelock also features two coffee and tea machines, where you can grab a One Wheelock mug and enjoy the beverage of your choice. The machines are self-serve; all you need to do is pick a tea/coffee pod of your choice and insert it into the machines! I religiously stick with my favorite coffee blend as it reminds me of home. However, I have explored all tea offerings with and without cream. I must admit drinking peppermint tea with cream was not the most pleasant experience, but hey, it is for the science! I find English breakfast with cream the best choice as I am reading class materials or working on assignments. In fact, I am currently sitting on one of the long couches at One Wheelock, sipping on a cup of English breakfast with cream.

Coffee and tea machines!
Coffee and tea machines!

I am so glad that I finally have my favorite study space figured out. Despite the oddly specific study conditions I have been looking for, there was a space at Dartmouth that would accommodate my needs!

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