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Entrance of Dirt Cowboy, a cafe on the ground floor of a red brick building

Welcome to the fourth post of my Exploring Cafes in Hanover series! For this installment, I had the pleasure of reviewing a cafe I've surprisingly never checked out in Hanover – Dirt Cowboy. Dirt Cowboy arguably boasts the most central spot of all cafes in the area, with its proximity to the campus, just a mere 30-second walk from the college green.

Dirt Cowboy offers a different experience compared to most other cafes in Hanover. They don't have a proper designated seating area inside, but their outside seating always looked inviting when passing by. However, if you're fortunate, you might snag one of the two seats they have inside.

My first impressions of Dirt Cowboy were quite positive. The interior is well thought out and aesthetically pleasing. I especially loved the concept of having coffee bean dispensers welcoming customers as they walk in.

Coffee bean dispensers on the wall
Coffee bean dispensers

As soon as I walked in, it was evident that they had an extensive offering of pastries, smoothies, coffee, and tea. While I would have loved to sample everything on their menu, I opted for a nitro brew and somewhat awkwardly approached other customers and staff to inquire about their go-to orders (yes, it felt a bit awkward).

A miscellaneous list of recommended items I gathered includes the almond croissant, lemon turnover, and the chicken pot pie. For drinks, the unanimous approval was for their coffee selection, which seemed more extensive compared to other cafes in town.

The author holding his coffee cup while walking on the green to the library
Being real with my nitro brew! (Don't let my nonchalant face distract you from how delicious Dirt Cowboy's nitro brew was)

In summary, Dirt Cowboy might not be the go-to place for getting work done, as they lack a dedicated interior seating area. However, I can certainly envision myself romanticizing the idea of sitting down and chatting with friends on a sunny day here.

The central location, welcoming atmosphere, and intriguing coffee bean dispensers make Dirt Cowboy a charming spot in Hanover worth a visit. Whether you're in the mood for a quality cup of coffee, a delicious pastry, or just some casual conversation with friends, it's a place that offers a unique experience that sets it apart from other cafes in town. So, next time you find yourself in Hanover, don't overlook Dirt Cowboy as I have for the past year, and be sure to give it a try and explore its unique charm!

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