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A picture of vibrant-colored leaves on a tree in front of Baker-Berry library.

Autumn is my favorite season, as I am enamored with the amalgamation of orange and red leaves and the perfect temperature for walks around campus (not too hot and not too cold). Lately, my friends and I have spent the fall term walking around the town, Hanover, and entering new places. One of my favorite places is a Brazilian bakery named My Brigadeiro. Given my love for açai bowls, they have the best açai, pumpkin chai, and pastries. My favorite place to have dinner is a Mexican restaurant called Tacos y Tequila. I always opt for their protein bowls or their empanadas. Arguably, I think it is one of the best restaurants in town if you would like to have a big dinner with your friends during special occasions.

A picture of an acai bowl from My Brigadeiro.

The best protein bowl from Tacos y Tequila.
The best protein bowl from Tacos y Tequila.

The most popular gift shop in town is the Dartmouth Co-Op. It has college merchandise, ranging from flags, sweatshirts, tote bags, and more. They offer a 4-year student and family discount for only $20. This promotion is great if you are interested in buying Dartmouth gear throughout your 4 years or if your family would like to buy gifts there. (Not sponsored!!)

The Starbucks on Main Street is one of my favorite study spaces because I am able to grab a light snack to eat while catching up on work. My typical order is an iced matcha tea latte with egg bites or a pumpkin loaf (contributing to the fall festiveness). If you're able to study with upbeat music, a bustling environment, and the convenience of food at your fingertips, I recommend going to the Starbucks in town!

My final favorite place in town is the Hanover Poster Store, "Records, Posters, and Memorabilia". The RPM store offers a wide variety of vintage 11 by 17 posters, Dartmouth Winter Carnival decorations, pins, stickers, and other intriguing displays. As you enter the store, you perceive the funky vibe of the wall decor and quirky objects that don the walls and encapsulate it with an awe-inspiring ambiance. 

A picture of the Hanover Poster store.

Though there are many other places in town for me to explore, these are a few of my favorites! Hanover reminds me of my hometown, with its small shops and historic feel. Stay tuned for my next post documenting another element of my Dartmouth experience!

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