A picture of the Dartmouth Green in the Fall with beautiful fall foliage.
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A picture of students eating the mochi donuts that I made for UGA Snacks night.

As a UGA (Undergraduate Advisor) during fall term, I helped plan and run many community events; usually the key to their success was…FOOD! The West House Community hosts an event every Sunday Night called UGA Snacks where all West House residents are invited to enjoy a late night treat made by their fellow UGAs in the Hyphen (one of the residential common rooms) from 9-10pm. It's usually a great mini-break from studying otherwise known as "Sunday Scaries". Early in the term, pairs of UGAs sign up for which Sunday night works best for them and have the liberty to choose which snack they would like to make or provide. I chose to make mochi donuts with another UGA, while other pairs made snacks like cupcakes, nachos, dirt cups, samosas & chapati, cookies 'n (ice) cream, fruit & cheese platters, and nachos! 

During Dartmouth's annual Homecoming Weekend, a fun social was held for all West House first-years that included pizza, and West House spirit wear & glow sticks before everyone paraded together to the Bonfire on the Green. Then, the next morning West House hosted a Brunch Tailgate before the Homecoming Football game; there were cider donuts, hot apple cider and special breakfast sandwiches made by West House fairy godmother (Program Coordinator) Pamela! The brunch offered a great escape from the uber rainy morning.  

A picture of the West House Homecoming Tailgate Brunch.
I need a cup of that hot apple cider ASAP.

At most of the weekly first-years' meetings that the other Richardson first-year UGAs and I held, we provided snacks & refreshments that were funded by West House.  At one meeting, we were able to get everyone boba teas from the 4u Bubble Tea store in Hanover; and another meeting, we were able to cater delicious veggie dumplings from TukTuk Thai in town and assorted wings from a popular wing shop in Vermont. Furthermore, I also took my floor of first-year girls out for ice cream at Hanover Scoops. For all West House residents that are 21+, a great wine & cheese event is also hosted regularly throughout the term by West House with certified wine specialist Prof. Callegeri.

A picture of the West House Wine Night event with a great charcuterie spread.
Once I turn 21, I can make the acquaintance of that beautiful charcuterie spread!

During finals week, I attended a study break hosted by Allen House that was very nice since they provided Cambodian food, energy drinks, professional massages, pup therapy & fuzzy socks! I attended this event with two of my friends and it offered the perfect relaxing & rejuvenating pause from grinding. During that week, the Richardson Upperclassmen UGA was also so kind to us as he had insomnia cookies shipped over from Boston and even provided lots of Domino's pizza two nights in a row!

A picture of the Insomnia Cookies that the Richardson Upperclassmen UGA dropped off in the kitchen.
Insomnia Cookies to the rescue!

One of the most popular West House events by far were the complementary community dinners hosted three times over fall term. We catered food from Big Fatty's BBQ, Peking Tokyo, and Three Tomatoes (Italian). These dinners began at 6 pm, but seemed like many Westians flocked to Fahey Hall by 5:30 pm and the line remained long until 7 pm. First-years through graduate students, and as well as the House President were able to dine together over some delicious food. 

In all of these ways and more, West House has been committed to not only building community but the well being of students. A well-stocked food pantry in Fahey Hall is accessible so that no one faces food insecurity.

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