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How is Dartmouth's Financial Aid different from other colleges?

A: Adrian Chimboza '25

I know a lot of you have heard that Dartmouth offers very generous financial aid packages, and quite a number of you have asked me how Dartmouth's financial aid packages differ from those of other colleges. To be honest, I'm not familiar with financial aid packages from other schools or colleges because I only fell in love with one college from the get-go of my college application process, and that was Dartmouth. So, I never got the chance to see what other colleges had to offer. However, that doesn't mean that I can't tell you what Dartmouth has in store for you.

As someone who is on financial aid and who has benefited immensely from it, I have a lot to share with you. Where do I start?  As the topic suggests, Dartmouth's financial aid extends further than just paying for your tuition. Depending on your need, Dartmouth also covers room and board, that is, the food you eat and the accommodation they give you. To think of it, how could have I had such an amazing First-Year Trips experience without Dartmouth's financial aid? Yes, Dartmouth's financial aid covers that too!

As an international student who came from hotter regions of the world, Dartmouth made sure that I wouldn't suffer the unbearable cold conditions of Hanover. They assisted me and other international students with money to acquire winter clothing and winter boots. Awesome, right? But Dartmouth doesn't stop there. If you plan to do a Study Abroad Program during your four years here at Dartmouth, Dartmouth makes sure that your financial aid travels with you wherever you go, meaning it will cover all your additional costs. Even when things get tough and you feel like going back home to see your family, Dartmouth is always there to help. They can facilitate your trip to and from your home country.

One thing that most prospective international students worry about is what happens during winter breaks, fall breaks, spring breaks, and summer breaks, when most people won't be on campus, and it all comes backs to the same four-word phrase: "Leave everything to Dartmouth". Dartmouth focuses on the welfare of all its students and therefore will always find ways to make you feel at home as well as included in Dartmouth's community. During breaks, they make sure you have food to eat as well as housing on campus. So, no matter who you are, where you are from, what your race is, or what kind of background you come from, Dartmouth is always there to assist you with all your financial needs.

PS. This is not an exhaustive answer to all that Dartmouth has to offer but it is just a perspective of someone who has only been here for a single term. You can check out some more perspectives here:
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