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First Hand

Dartmouth's Dean of Admissions remembers spirited conversations during his undergrad experience and shares how Dartmouth Dialogues will facilitate discussion, dialogue, and debate enhanced by diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

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A photo of Lee A. Coffin Vice President for Enrollment and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid

In Dartmouth's Classrooms, a Poet Finds His Voice

America's Most Promising Young Poet of 2023, Edgar Morales '24 wrote his first collection of poetry after reading The Poet X in a Latinx Intergenerational Literature class at Dartmouth.

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A photo of Edgar Morales '24

Innovating For Impact

Innovative ideas come to life at Dartmouth, where bold solutions to the world's most pressing challenges spark collaboration across disciplines—and undergraduates play key roles in making that happen

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A photo of Rashad Brown Mitchell '24, a teaching assitant at the Machine Shop

What Is A Liberal Arts Education?

With all the attention AI is getting you might be wondering, "Why do I need to get an education at all, never mind a classic liberal arts degree?"

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An illustration of people around a central space

An Engineer Applies a Human-Centered Lens to Medical Research

The Mathematical Concepts in Engineering and Design Thinking classes that Moses Matanda '25 took during his first year at Dartmouth helped him discover how to bring the best of engineering into medicine.

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A photo of Moses Matanda '25

Two Dartmouth Community Members Named Rhodes Scholars

Jessica Chiriboga '24 and Zachary Lang '23 earn one of the oldest and most celebrated international graduate scholarships in the world to fund their graduate study at Oxford.

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A photo of Dartmouth Hall

A Sociologist Brings Her Lived Experience to the Classroom

Professor Allen studies the intersection of race, religion, and social movements, focusing on how Black communities perceive and respond to social inequality at both individual and group levels.

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A photo of professor Shaonta' Allen

Dartmouth Dialogues

In January, President Beilock announced the launch of Dartmouth Dialogues, a wide-ranging series of initiatives that showcase Dartmouth's commitment to facilitating conversations and building skills to bridge divides.

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An illustratin of two speech bubbles intersecting with directional lines overlaying the bubbles

D-Plan: Rujuta Pandit '24

Rujuta Pandit '24, a engineering sciences major, shares snapshots of her Dartmouth experiences through the lens of the D-Plan, Dartmouth's flexible, year-round study plan.

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An illustration of Rujuta Pandit '24 indicating a number of her interests including skiing and the White House

A Pre-Health Student Draws on His Rural Roots

Ramsey Ash '24 arrived at Dartmouth ready to study engineering, but a first-year class by professor Craig opened his eyes to the possibility of becoming a doctor.

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A photo of Ramesy Ash '24 in Dunk's Sports Grill

A Government Major and Public Policy Expert Study Factors at Play in Elections

Professor Barabas '93 brought Carson Goh '25 on as his research assistant in Carson's first Dartmouth term—they have since been researching a wide spectrum of topics within American politics.

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A photo of Carson Goh '25 and Jason Barabas '93 standing in front of white columns

In His Classrooms, an Education Design Expert Flips the Script

In his design thinking courses, Professor Rafe Steinhauer trains students to apply design mindsets like creativity and empathy to complex challenges. "Empathy is an important design skillset,"

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A photo of professor Rafe Steinhauer

A Coder Curates Technology for Campus Art

An art history major and computer science minor finds intersections between the two, and considers new ways to study art in and out of the classroom

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A photo of Emil Liden '25 standing in the Black Family Visual Art Center

An Engineer Joins Forces with First-Year Students to Explore the Roots of Intelligence

Professor of Engineering Peter Chin's lab seeks to understand the neuroscientific basis of intelligence. Last year, two of his first-year students conducted paid research, gaining early hands-on experience.

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A photo of professor Peter Chin Iroda Abdulazizova '26 and Kimberly Girola-Guzman '26

My "Why Dartmouth"

In her final year at Dartmouth, Sydney Wuu '24 revisits the "Why Dartmouth" supplemental writing prompt from her application for admission.

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A photo of Sydney Wuu '24