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Basecamp to the World

Students share that the benefits from Dartmouth's Language Immersion Programs go beyond improved language skills—they also experienced immense positive impacts on their mental health.

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A photo of a square in Italy

D-Plan: Rujuta Pandit '24

Rujuta Pandit '24, a engineering sciences major, shares snapshots of her Dartmouth experiences through the lens of the D-Plan, Dartmouth's flexible, year-round study plan.

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An illustration of Rujuta Pandit '24 indicating a number of her interests including skiing and the White House

Basecamp to the World

In March of 2023, more than 60 Dartmouth students immersed themselves in the culture of Mexico City during two trips over spring break.

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A photo of boats at Xochimilco Ecological Park and Plant Market in Mexico

D-Plan: Simon Lamontagne '24

Simon Lamontagne '24, a linguistics major, shares his Dartmouth experiences through the lens of the D-Plan, Dartmouth's flexible study plan.

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An illustration of Simon Lamontagne '24

Basecamp to the World

A new interdisciplinary foreign study and language off-campus program fuses engineering and German studies in the setting of Berlin, Germany—complementing the Dartmouth liberal arts curriculum.

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A photo of buildings in Berlin, Germany