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Dartmouth Researchers Call for Energy Justice in the Global South

Cofounder of Dartmouth's Energy Justice Clinic, Dr. Sarah Kelly works with research assistant Nadine Lorini Formiga '25 to study just energy transitions in Latin America.

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A photo of Nadine Formiga '25 and Dr. Sarah Kelly

Putting the 'Green' in the Big Green

Dartmouth's profound sense of place heightens student's awareness of the precarious condition of the planet, and Dartmouth students, faculty, and staff are taking action to create a more sustainable future.

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A photo of students working at behives at the Dartmouth Organic Farm

A Global Climate Activist Negotiates for a Cleaner Future

When applying to colleges, Kate Yeo '25 from Singapore saw Dartmouth's idyllic location as the perfect backdrop for her interest in studying climate policy.

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A photo of Kate Yeo '25

Basecamp to the World

A new interdisciplinary foreign study and language off-campus program fuses engineering and German studies in the setting of Berlin, Germany‚ÄĒcomplementing the Dartmouth liberal arts curriculum.

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A photo of buildings in Berlin, Germany