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Dartmouth Coach

Coming from a bustling metropolis renowned for its top-notch public transport system, I had serious reservations about moving to Dartmouth's more rural location. Unlike American students who could drive to campus, my journey from halfway across the globe seemed daunting, especially with no local contacts in the States to ease my concerns about initial move-in and ongoing travel needs.

 A subway map of my city -- the super convenient public transport back home made me worried about my journey to Dartmouth
Coming from a place with public transportations like this, I didn't find Dartmouth's location too inconvenient!

To my pleasant surprise, transportation at Dartmouth exceeded all my expectations! The Dartmouth Coach provides a seamless connection to major cities nearby, with convenient stops at New York City near Grand Central, downtown Boston at South Station, and Boston Logan Airport. The ease of stepping off the plane, boarding the coach, and arriving directly in front of the Baker-Berry Library—and maybe catching a nap in a cozy seat along the way—significantly lightens the travel fatigue.

A map of Dartmouth Coach routes
Dartmouth Coach routes

Dartmouth Coach has also opened up thrilling weekend travel opportunities. My friends and I can leave after our last class on Friday, spend a vibrant weekend in Boston celebrating Chinese New Year or the Mid-Autumn Festival, and return by Sunday evening. Last term, I even managed a mid-semester trip to New York City and watched a Broadway show there. Despite a hectic schedule that sees me spending many of my weekends studying in the library, the Dartmouth Coach offers a welcome escape to explore and unwind when time allows.

Affordability is another key feature of the Dartmouth Coach. With buses to New York City once or twice a day and to Boston every two hours, it offers budget-friendly travel options—one way tickets are $35 to Boston and $89 to New York City, a cost-effective alternative to other transportation methods.

Dartmouth Coach Schedule
The Dartmouth Coach's Schedule!

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