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Before fall slips away, I'd love to share my gallery of fall at Dartmouth. Fall here is so gorgeous that it makes Dartmouth look like a fairy tale town. With that said, I'd love to write this blog as a gallery and take you on a different virtual tour with me!

berry library view

While the quarter system can be incredibly busy, and oftentimes I have to hurry from one place to another, I would still stop and take pictures along the way—yes, just to see the beautiful foliage here. I took this picture on my way to the library (the building in the left-center of the picture)

And even if you are at the library, you can still enjoy the view! I love studying in the East Reading Room, where I can have my own table and can study by a window, with such beautiful views

east reading room

After my midterms on Fridays, I also love to go for a run by Occom Pond to unwind. It's right next to my dorm, making it incredibly convenient. As I run more frequently, I've discovered the charm of Occom—the pond's beauty is so captivating that you feel motivated to run longer distances without experiencing fatigue. When I first started, a 3km run left me exhausted, but now I effortlessly run 6km. I believe this enchanting quality of Occom keeps me going

Occom pond

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