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Me and my family

I was recently looking at some of my older posts, reliving the glory days of freshman fall, and I realized that I never actually wrote an introduction post talking about myself. I'm not sure what happened there, but I guess I was just so excited to talk about Dartmouth that I forgot to introduce myself! But better late than never, right? Hopefully it'll still be helpful for anyone reading the blog to learn a little more about me outside of Dartmouth.

I was born in Shanghai, China but quickly moved to Montreal, Canada as a baby. My family immigrated there as soon as I was born and I've since called both cities my homes. I lived and went to school in Canada until the fourth grade, and I lived in Shanghai after. In Shanghai, I went to an international school, so I was still learning in English and making friends with kids from around the world. After middle school, I went to a boarding high school in the United States near Philadelphia. I had a great time there and decided to continue my education in the States, which is how I ended up at Dartmouth! 

Me as a little kid
Me in the good old days

If you read my blog, you'll know I'm interested in economics, squash and all-things Dartmouth. However, what you might not know is I'm an avid Lebron James fan, I always have Airpods in, and that I enjoy making music. I also don't eat seafood and am interested in losing money by playing poker. Although these things might not relate directly to Dartmouth, I've actually made friends who have these things in common with me. One of my best friends on campus makes beats for fun, while I've enjoyed talking about Lebron and the Lakers with a group of other friends. Although Dartmouth isn't a big school, we definitely have a diverse range of interests and communities where you can feel belonging. I even found a group of friends to play poker with and give my money to!

Lavar Ball, my friend and I
LaMelo Ball came to play at my high school, and we got a picture with Lavar!

At Dartmouth, I'm planning to major in Economics and Computer Science, although I've recently started taking some interest Quantitative Social Sciences courses. Since I won't have to make a decision until late sophomore year, I'm glad that I'm able to continue to explore. My favorite spot at Dartmouth is the Hop, because you can not only get some of my favorite meals on campus but also catch up with friends and grind out some work in a nice environment. It's also next to the Hood, which is great to visit whenever you need a break. I would say my favorite day at Dartmouth is Wednesday, because a lot of people relax and have fun since it's an on-night. It's a nice break in the week and a refreshing change of pace as people pause and put their work down for a while. You can also read about my favorite classes in my bio and other blogposts!

Although this introduction is more than a year late, I hope you guys now know me better than before. If you share any interests with me, let me know!

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