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The Green during the annual snowball fight filled with hundreds of people playing in the snow at midnight

Every year, students at Dartmouth participate in an epic snowball fight that has become a beloved tradition. The event takes place after the first snow of winter term, when the campus is covered in a thick blanket of fluffy white.

The snowball fight draws hundreds of students who gather in the heart of campus for a friendly but fierce battle. Students are invited via a blitz (Dartmouth speak for email) sent by Dr. Seuss (Class of 1925) to Robert Frost (Class of 1896). The blitz is a fun way to build in tradition as it is written in a typical Dr. Seuss style rhyme. At midnight, students come to the Green armed with gloves, hats, and snow boots. Some even bring sleds to use as makeshift shields. The rules are simple: anyone can participate, and there are no teams. The goal is to have fun and enjoy the snowy weather by partaking in a once-a-year tradition.

As students swarm around the Green, campus is transformed into a winter wonderland as snowballs fly through the air and students dodge, duck, and weave to avoid getting hit. Despite the competitive nature of the event, the snowball fight is a lighthearted affair as it brings students together in a unique and enjoyable way, creating a sense of camaraderie and community that is hard to replicate.

The snowball fight has been one of the highlights of my winter experience at Dartmouth. It offers a chance to partake in a fun and festive tradition that captures the spirit of the winter season. It brings students together and helps to create a strong sense of community on campus. It also provides an opportunity to embrace the beauty and wonder of winter.

If you ever find yourself in Hanover during the first snow of the winter term, be sure to join in the fun and experience this beloved tradition for yourself.

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