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Happy week 3! As the first assignments and tests start lining up, I wanted to share what classes I'm currently taking for my first-year winter!

1. Biology 13: Genetics

After enjoying Biology 11 last term, I wanted to continue my trajectory of taking classes for the pre-health track. Compared to my last biology class, BIOL 13 contains a lab component, meaning that every week, students perform a lab experiment outside of regular class hours.

For the first week, we began the process of isolating genomic DNA from fruit flies (sorry fruit flies). It had been a long time since I had worked in a lab setting, and it was fun to experience the funky, cool machines. I'm interested to see where this class takes me in the future!

Life Sciences Center
The labs are on the second floor!

2. Writing 5: Authenticity and Culture

This term, I get to take my first required writing class. The class is discussion-based, with a smaller number of about sixteen students so that the professor can place full their full attention into helping each of us improve our writing. With a variety of topics to explore through different classes, I was lucky enough to land a spot in my first choice! My writing class examines the social phenomenon of authenticity: What even is authenticity? How and why is it valued in society? I am a prospective sociology major, but with my current plans, I won't be taking a sociology class until my sophomore year. I hope that this class, set in the social sciences department, can give me an introduction to the discipline!

3. Spanish 2

Before I started the term, I thought I was going to push this class to a future time. After all, I knew that I was going to take the class eventually during my time at Dartmouth to fulfill the language requirement.

However, on the first day of class, I was a little blown away. After not speaking Spanish for seven weeks during the interim, I was thrown back into the language with a new fervor, as students and the professor spoke more fully and freely in Spanish than I had ever seen; the fast pace of Dartmouth language classes struck me. And I decided to stay—why not take advantage of the opportunity to lay a stronger foundation for Spanish?

Dartmouth Hall
I also get to take the class in the newly renovated Dartmouth Hall, which is always a plus.

In general, this term feels busier than the last, filled with Spanish assignments, writing exercises, and biology lectures only two weeks into class. However, I'm excited to see where the next term goes, and whether I can take the challenge.

Until next time!

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