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¡Hola Causas!

That was me greeting you in a Peruvian way! My name is Nicole, I'm a '25 (Sophomore) from Lima, Peru. In my city, our traditional foods are such a great part of our culture that much food vocabulary has become slang. Causa is a Peruvian potato-based dish, but we use it in exchange for "friend." 

This is my first ever blog post! Over the coming years, I will be sharing with you all the scoop on Dartmouth College and its wonders: cool study spaces, great places to get food in Hanover, fun activities that Dartmouth organizations put together, and more! When I was searching for colleges, it was hard for me to find truthful, meaningful and in-depth information on what student life at certain schools really looked like and the fun traditions that they had, so I'm glad that People Places Pines provides a unique, helpful and welcoming space for this.

Picture of Me
A picture of me in Marcahuasi, Peru (2 hours away from where I live).

Now, a little bit more about me…although I'm originally from Peru, I have also lived in Mexico and Colombia! By now, I think I've learned how to deal with starting to study at a new school, but that doesn't mean it isn't nerve-wracking every time. I know how hard this process can be, especially if you don't have any relatives around, but I'm here to help you through every step of the way by giving you insider tips that I have learned! These tips have made my transition to college run very smoothly and made me excited about new beginnings.

Me and a friend from my dance studio back home!

I am very passionate about dance (ANY dance discipline), so if you want to talk about that and learn about dance at Dartmouth, hit me up! There are so many ways to get involved in the dance community, even if you have never danced before and just want to take a class for fun (I can give you more details in my later posts!). I am a part of Fusion Dance Ensemble, a contemporary and jazz dance group made up of the most loving group of girls I have ever met.

Join me on my adventure as an international student finding a new home in Hanover, and discovering new treasures in this small college every day. 

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