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A snowy view during Winter Carnival

Winter Carnival at Dartmouth is a spectacle that captures the essence of community and celebration. The street in front of McNutt and Collis is adorned with intricate ice sculptures, and the Dartmouth Green becomes a hub of activity. From snow sculptures to winter sports competitions, there's an unmistakable buzz in the air as everyone comes together to embrace the chilly beauty of Hanover.

Participating in Winter Carnival activities is a rite of passage for Dartmouth students. Whether it's racing down the snow-covered hills on skis or engaging in friendly snowball fights, the winter festivities provide a welcome break from academic rigors. It's a time to let loose, revel in the joy of winter, and create memories that will be cherished for years to come. I especially love coming down to watch the human dogsled race – where students race across the green dragging their peers behind them in sleds.

Phi Delta Alpha Chili Cookoff
One of the prizes being handed to a Chili cookoff team...

Amidst the Winter Carnival festivities, the Phi Delta Alpha Chili Cook-Off adds an extra layer of flavor to the experience. As a member of Phi Delta Alpha, I take great pride in seeing the community come together at our annual philanthropic event, with local restaurants and student groups competing to gain the title of best Chili – judged by president Beilock, of course!

The chilly embrace of winter at Dartmouth is not something to be endured; it's something to be embraced. The crisp air, the sparkle of freshly fallen snow, and the laughter echoing across the Green all contribute to the unique charm of Winter Carnival. It truly is a time of wonderment – and for those of us who are old enough, reflection.

Winter Carnival, with its whimsical charm and occasional chili-inspired delights, offers Dartmouth students an opportunity to create timeless memories. It's a celebration that encapsulates the spirit of Dartmouth – a place where academics, community, and the joy of winter converge to create an experience like no other

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