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Baker Berry

In the midst of a bustling college campus like Dartmouth, finding the perfect study spot is an art that every student must master. It's a deeply personal quest, one that evolves as your academic needs and preferences change. Let's take a tour of some of my favorite study spots, each offering its own unique charm.

The Sanborn Library is a serene haven nestled away in the basement of Sanborn Hall. It exudes an aura of tranquility with its warm wooden furnishings, generous natural light, and of course the age-old tradition of tea being served! This spot is perfect for focused reading, tackling assignments, or even just reading for pleasure in its comfy armchairs. Honestly I adore this spot, as it has the energy of a Victorian mansion library and satisfies my itch to act as an 1800s aristocrat.

Baker-Berry Library, the heart of Dartmouth, is a hive of activity. For those who seek solitude or deep research, the tower room is a delightful retreat. It offers panoramic views of the campus that inspire academic excellence. On the other hand, First Floor Berry (known colloquially as FFB) is a loud collaborative space, where you can casually study while catching up with friends.

When the sun graces Hanover with its presence, the Green becomes the ideal study spot. You can lay out a blanket or claim a bench and immerse yourself in your readings, write essays, or brainstorm. All this while you soak in the vibrant energy of campus life. Plus, you're always just a stone's throw away from your next class or a delicious meal at a nearby dining hall.

For students who thrive in a lively, bustling atmosphere, Collis Center is the epicenter of activity. With its vibrant café, comfortable seating, and an ever-present buzz, Collis provides a dynamic backdrop for your study sessions. You can grab a coffee, meet up with friends for a group study session, or take a break with a game of pool.

Collis Study Spot
One of the many study spots in Collis that I frequent!

Of course for those of us who want near complete privacy, a final option is to just study in your dorm! Every Dartmouth residential hall boasts its own unique character and hidden study gems. Residential halls provide floor lounges or common areas that become the perfect places for some students to dive into their work.

I personally tend to study in FFB (sometimes with the risk of becoming distracted), because I find that being around lots of people motivates me to work. The beautiful thing about this campus, though, is that everyone has their own spot – it is an individual thing!

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