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Dartmouth is an interesting place considering how specific its location and atmosphere can seem. We have all sorts of things going on every day on campus, and they all have their own personality to them! I personally love this, as for me having all my activities in one theme can end up becoming boring, and having such a range means any day is going to be new and exciting!

One super cool thing I did this term (actually very recently as of the writing of this blog) was attend the Phrozen Ivy Ball at the Hanover Inn! It was run by Alpha Phi Alpha (the first intercollegiate Greek-letter fraternity established for African American Men) and was potentially the fanciest thing I've been to in Hanover since beginning my Dartmouth career. The Hanover Inn (for anyone not in the know) is this boujee (with a capital B) hotel in town, and they have this beautiful ballroom which was decked out with a live DJ, fancy catering from The Pine restaurant, and the best part: the theme was a night at the Met! Of course, this meant I went in a black and gold suit covered in sequins (because you have to show up dapper).

Flashback to me BALLin... ok I'll stop

I also went to an awesome event in the fall: the DOC (Dartmouth Outdoors Club) formal! This was a rather different experience from the ball I mentioned earlier, but was equally as fun! We all dressed up fancy and headed out for a meal and party at the Moosilauke Lodge (a huge lodge on Mt. Moosilauke that the college owns and runs). We got a five-course meal, lots of music, and a lovely range of cabins to choose from to stay the night before, breakfast, and came home the next morning.

The final (and a rather different set of events) I have been to on campus are Friday Night Rock events! Friday Night Rock is an amazing group on campus that bring various bands to perform for us and host a full concert! It is always an amazing experience with the best people, and it feels just great at the end of a week to blow off some steam and dance to good live music

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