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A photo I took on my first day on campus back in 2021! Beautiful sunset behind Baker Berry Library!

Oh, if only I could become great at anything, and learn things in an instant. If only I could jump from being a martial arts pro to a perfect singer, from a graceful dancer to a chess prodigy – wouldn't that be cool? I watched that new movie Everything Everywhere all at Once, recently, and I couldn't help but be enamoured by the possibilities of having access to the abilities of an infinite number of versions of myself. Imagine all of the things I could do!

This wish was brought to the front of my mind for a second time, when Spring term began again at Dartmouth. I'd had a lovely spring break trip to Jamaica with my girlfriend, spent some time snowboarding at the Skiway, and had a well-deserved and well-needed break from school! Coming back into the hectic day-to-day life of a Dartmouth term, it almost felt like I NEEDED to be able to do everything everywhere all at once! We do so much in just ten weeks here at Dartmouth, that it's hard to even process it all as you go sometimes! 

A photo of me looking into the sunset in Jamaica
Spring break was relaxing...

Then it hit me: it might be impossible to instantly learn anything, become perfect at everything and be in multiple places, but actually, Everything Everywhere all at Once isn't too far-stretched from reality. Yes, it's a fictional superpower, but it highlights to me the beauty of Dartmouth's liberal arts system! I might not be an amazing dancer or singer, but since coming to Dartmouth I've learned how to snowboard, a history of radicalism in the British Empire, how to complete economic analysis, how to cut down a tree with an axe and make a fire, how to run a club, and even how to choreograph a creative artistic performance! 

The reason you feel as though you need superpowers sometimes at Dartmouth is that it is actually giving you one! Through a rigorous education in the liberal arts at Dartmouth, you don't learn what to think, but HOW to think and learn new things. This is exactly why there isn't one 'typical' Dartmouth student. By definition, everyone has such a diverse and sometimes crazy range of passions and ambitions!

Anyway, what I'm really saying, is that my new career goal after graduating from Dartmouth is to fight an interdimensional being and save the multiverse from an everything bagel!

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