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Trees and smog!

As of late, the admissions office has been crackling with energy, as Dartmouth opened its doors to admitted students for the first Dimensions cohort since 2019! What is Dimensions, I hear you ask? Well, Dimensions is an incredible opportunity for committed and undecided admitted students to experience a literal 'day-in-the-life' of a Dartmouth student! Potential '27s are matched with a student host and spend a day attending classes and sessions about life at Dartmouth. I've often said that the reason I (and many others) adore Dartmouth isn't something that can be fully captured in writing or even video. The buzz of life on campus is to be felt, not seen, and Dimensions is a tremendous opportunity to do just that.

Working in the Admissions Office, I've been blessed with the opportunity to meet many of the students attending Dimensions. In a way, it has reminded me of the first time I hit campus. COVID being rampant at the time, my first impression of campus was fated to be the day I arrived and began orientation – something that was simultaneously exciting and liberating, but also scary. I feel like these '27s have such an awesome chance to see this campus when deciding, and if I could roll back the clock and relive my first few days at Dartmouth, I can assure you that I would!

One of the first photos I ever took of Dartmouth – featuring Baker Berry Library
A photo from my first ever walk around campus!

I remember hitting campus vividly. After 25 hours of traveling – weary and worn – I stumbled from the Dartmouth Coach, landing in front of The Hopkins Center for the Arts. As the coach rolled into town, it was filled with sounds of excitement, many too enthralled by the passing views to even bring out their phone to record! Upon arrival, I walked home to sleep. I didn't sleep long. I woke up full of excitement at around 5 in the morning (jet lag is HUGE), and decided to take a walk around campus! Throughout my first day, I met probably around 30 different people, and I am still friends with about 10 of them! I remember the energy as international student pre-orientation rolled by – everyone was just so excited to meet one another, and I was instantly accepted into the fold of my class.

An interesting thing that I have noticed about the community at Dartmouth, is that it exists in layers. As you spend more time here, you peel them back – descending deeper into the community that we have here on and beyond campus. I started as an international student here, then I was a freshman, then after Homecoming, I was (in many ways) a full member of the student cohort. In my sophomore year, I joined a Greek house, and many people will join a secret society in their Junior year. Finally, you leave Dartmouth, and you become an alumn. It keeps going, and it is amazing just how far it goes. I love it because I have always found myself exploring this small but at the same time vast and deep community. A community that is, yes, centered around a little college on a hill, but permeates every facet of life.

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