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Views on a trip to Montreal

In the writing of this blog, yet again I feel inclined to beat the metaphorical dead horse of how time passes at the speed of light here in Hanover, NH.

Sophomore Summer was easily my best term so far on campus. That isn't to say the other terms couldn't measure up in how exhilarating they have been, but rather that the summer set yet a new ceiling for how amazing my experience at this incredible institution can get. Each new week brought with it new excitement, from the arrival of our new president, Sian Beilock, to taking charge in an executive position within my fraternity, when only my class was on campus. 

Some Deer that I saw roaming around campus!

The Summer is ripe with opportunity to (after having been on this campus for two years) establish yourself at Dartmouth more deeply than you ever have previously. It is an opportunity to undertake leadership positions with lower stakes, take classes you perhaps wouldn't usually in a more relaxed academic environment, join dance or a capella groups for a single term just for the fun of it, and enjoy the Upper Valley when it is far less populated than it is during a regular term.

I however, made the mistake of blinking, and now it is fall. Oh no! Doom! Gloom! I missed it! To be serious, though, the summer went by in the blink of an eye. All is not lost, however. As I leave the Summer behind and pursue a new term, I bring with me many new perspectives and experiences which will continue to further enrich and improve my time here. My time spent in leadership positions has influenced me to more deeply entrench myself in my roles of responsibility. My time dedicated to economic research has led to my continued involvement and interest in areas I had not studied before. 

Time moves quickly here at Dartmouth, but so long as you cherish your time here, the fun never really ends

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