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Coast Jazz Orchestra Performance happened in Rollins Chapel while the HOP is undergoing renovations. People sat in the normal seating and behind the performers there were colored spotlights facing the ceiling.

Last term, one of my friends invited people to join him in watching the fall term performance for the Coast Jazz Orchestra, and I am thrilled that I had the time and decided to act on my interest that day.

I remember sitting in Collis Common Ground with my eyes closed just feeling the music and was not only blown away by the skill of the performers but the artistry that was considered when the arrangement was created. Today I went to the winter term performance which was held at Rollins Chapel and had feelings similar to my experience at the fall performance, but this time had a distinct feel of the artistry being exploratory.

At times the music sounded like a cacophony but in a very neat way. I would highly recommend checking out the Coast Jazz Orchestra! These performances were held in different spaces since the Hopkins Center (colloquially known as the Hop) is closed for renovations until 2025. 

Early in this winter term I attended an organ performance at the United Church of Christ and sat in a pew in awe. The sound waves that echo around the sanctuary are incredible, giving the feel of being at a modern concert with big speakers, but there are no speakers. The music in this setting was what you would expect in a Christian setting, and included works from Bach and Mendelssohn. The organ performance was another opportunity for me to just close my eyes and feel the music since it has an otherworld feel to it.

A capella is another type of musical performance that is in full swing at Dartmouth. My first exposure to a capella was during orientation when a showcase was held with all of the groups on campus. The showcase was a really fun experience at the end of orientation week that gives you a feel for the vibe of each group. A capella is a fairly sizeable time commitment at 6 hours a week, but it appears to be tons of fun, whcih balances it out. 

These are my favorite aspects of music at Dartmouth for the moment, but there are also many other groups on campus. 

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