A typically beautiful evening glow over the Green
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I remember being a newly accepted Dartmouth student last winter, and scouring the internet for every piece of information I could find on the college. I found photos of academic buildings, Baker-Berry Library, Foco (the Class of 1953 Commons, our dining hall), and the Green. I stumbled upon student blogs and Dartmouth-produced content focusing on student life. I even followed various student organizations on Instagram and began engaging with their posts and stories. 

As someone who did not have the opportunity to visit campus before applying, I was eager to learn everything I could about my new home. Despite my in-depth research, some information was difficult to find. I've compiled some questions I once had and did my best to try and answer them here for you. I hope this eases some of your college-related stress and inspires the same love I have for Dartmouth in you!

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