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Me and friends at the library!

I've been talking endlessly on my blog about why you should pick Dartmouth if you get in. The saying goes that empty vessels make the most noise, and believe me — I know that I can get slightly tiring. So, I went around Baker Berry Library, and asked any and all of my friends who wanted to pitch in why they chose Dartmouth. All of them asked to remain anonymous, but their answers should hold the same amount of validity for each of you—

"So guys, why Dartmouth?"

Friend 1: "The world class learning. I've been 'learning' all my life, but it wasn't until freshman fall that I truly understood what learning meant. Apparently, you're supposed to like what you're taught, and be interested in the experiments that you conduct. That was a news flash for me. *devious laughter* I was skeptical about being a neuroscience major, but the way that it's taught here… there's something different about it, man!"

Friend 2 (who is a resident of the Choates): "Definitely the friendships I made. Living in the Choates has been a blessing — I've never seen any other campus where you're thrown into these intimate living spaces and 99% of the time, come out of it with the best friends you could possibly find." Some helpful context: Friend 2 is an ardent defender of the Choates cluster of dormitories against the constant slander it receives. "Which other school has a Choates?" Valid point.

Friend 3: "Fookies. HANDS DOWN." FoCo (or the main dining hall on campus, formally called the 1953 Class of Commons) is known for many of its delicacies, but the best thing that FoCo can offer is its fookies (a portmanteau for FoCo and cookies). Added benefit: there is no other place in this world that loves a good portmanteau/nickname than Dartmouth. If you're the friend in the group that gives everybody their nicknames, this is the place for you.

Friend 4: "Facilities. I spend all of my time in BVAC (The Visual Arts Centre, home to the Film Department) and it is literally beautiful. If I could, I would sleep in BVAC. There is no place that has nicer buildings and more facilities. It's the perfect mix of the modern and the old. History and modernity." The red couches laid out in BVAC's lobby have seen many members of my friend group eat, sprawl, cry about their unfinished essays, and type away their word limits at all hours of the night.

Friend 5: "I don't know about you guys, but I love being in the middle of nowhere. I came from a small town where everybody knew everybody, so to be away from a lot of civilization makes me feel liberated—I can be who I want, when I want, without the fear of constant scrutiny or judgement. I've gotten used to not being what other people want me to be."

There you have it! Five fantastic reasons to be a '27! If you do get in and become a resident of the Choates, reach out to me! I have a whole network of Choates fans who'll welcome you with open arms.

And also … the fookies.

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