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Most students are fortunate to know the college of their choice very early on in high school. For me, I started looking into schools during my sophomore year of high school. This includes doing research, making connections, and building my application. I finalized my decision to apply to Dartmouth the summer of junior year going into senior year. As an early decision (ED) applicant, it's safe to say I made the best decision.

As an ED applicant, you're always going to hear that you're making a risky decision mainly because it's a binding process. However, if you're actually confident and content with everything the school has to offer, I'd say just go for it! There's so much you have to consider like your financial aid package, distance from home, etc. While it was not easy, I was set on my decision to apply to Dartmouth through the Early Decision process. 

But… here's what really guided me. As a prospective student, Dartmouth offered me so many different recourses to look into like in-school admissions meetings, blogs, tours, etc. I took advantage of all of these resources and made sure to learn as much about the school as possible to see if it was best for me. Once I did that, I applied! 

And once again… Start early! So many people wait until weeks before the November 1st deadline to begin working on their applications! It's never too early to start working on your college application as a high school student. I'm glad I prioritized that. 

Don't get me wrong! Everyone's application process looks different, but these were pivotal aspects of my college application process to Dartmouth. Additionally, applying Early may not be the best for some, but that's why there is always the Regular Decision round. Nevertheless, I don't regret going that route and would advise anyone who's ready to do it. Also, there are so many advantages like being done with the college application process earlier than most, and can focus on graduating and preparing for the fall!

To all of the Dartmouth Early Decision applicants, good luck! You guys made the best decision and I wish you the best. See you on campus!

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