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a view of the front of Baker Library at Dartmouth College

No matter what combination of classes, extracurricular activities, and other commitments you have, each term at Dartmouth moves incredibly fast! In a matter of weeks, you settle into a new class schedule, do various projects and assignments, and submit those final exams and papers, and another term has quickly gone by. Breaks in between terms offer a welcome opportunity to relax, unwind, have fun, and catch up on those projects you have yet to have time for during the term. Throughout my nine terms at Dartmouth, I've spent my breaks between terms visiting friends, reuniting with my family, and spending time back home in Nigeria. I'm spending my spring break in Hanover this term for various reasons!

Many Dartmouth students opt to remain on campus during breaks for various personal or financial reasons, and Dartmouth accommodates students' needs. Many student-athletes also stay on campus during some parts or the entirety of the break in line with their team's schedules and training. A lot of international students also remain on campus, especially during the shorter breaks, as high flight ticket prices can make a brief time at home difficult to justify. Importantly, Dartmouth offers free housing for the entire duration of the break so that housing requirements are not a financial burden to anyone who needs to stay on campus.

a view of the McLaughlin residential community at Dartmouth College

Another way that Dartmouth makes staying on campus over breaks a viable option is by providing meal swipes for the main dining hall, the Class of 1953 Commons (known as 'FoCo'). Although eating out at one of Hanover's restaurants is a fun way to socialize and celebrate special events with friends, it is not very affordable for most college students to eat out for all meals each day. Therefore, Dartmouth gives students meal swipes during breaks to help overcome the financial burden of having to buy meals every day. At Dartmouth, a meal swipe basically gives you access to a buffet-style selection of food at FoCo; it can also be exchanged for a certain amount of 'dining dollars' (which is basically money used to buy food from dining halls and cafes on campus). FoCo is the only dining hall open on campus during breaks, but it has an incredibly wide selection of foods, including cereal, salads, sandwiches, desserts, fruits and vegetables, and so much more. It also caters to a wide variety of allergies and special dietary needs.

Dartmouth students lining up for food at a station of the Class of 1953 Commons (FoCo) dining hall

I was honestly curious about my first "break" at Dartmouth, but it has been a fun and relaxing experience so far. There's always a great group of people to meet and hang out with and fun activities to do with them each day. 

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