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Goodbye Selfie Parents Weekend

So you decided to move 1,000+ miles away from where you were born and raised your entire life? Your new lifestyle and living situation probably feels incredibly different than what you're used to. In order to stay in touch with your family and friends back home, you call and text them about every random little thing. However, you have to explain all of the slang terminology you've encountered. Every friend and family member won't truly understand or know what you're talking about because a phone call merely leaves it to their imagination. That's why Family Weekend exists! 

Parent Selfie in Woodstock
My parents visited a nearby town called Woodstock.

This past weekend was Family Weekend for the Class of '25 here at Dartmouth! Both my mom and dad decided to fly and drive up to Hanover to visit me for the weekend. I decided to walk around campus and show my parents every main building. We walked from the little shops in town to the new computer science building to the library and to the Hopkins Center. It was hilarious to hear my parents put my stories together when seeing the buildings in real life. They even got to see my dorm room in person, which I definitely cleaned before they arrived. We ate almost every meal together and decided to do as much as we could together while they spent their time in the Upper Valley.

Sculpture Picture with Mom
I showed my mom my sculpture on display!

Dunks Selfie with Parents
A selfie I took with my parents while eating at Dunks!

In addition, my parents finally got to meet my friends, and I got to meet some of my friends' parents as well. When I was able to see the parents of my friends, I was totally able to recognize how they were their parents' child. It was so cute to see our parents interact as if they were having their first week of school like we did at the beginning of the year. Eventually, it was a beautiful day on Sunday with the warmest weather of the year so far. My parents and I had our final meal together until I come home for my short summer break. Having my parents visit Hanover definitely was a nice change of pace from my normal weekend plans.

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