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The SWC is located in the library

College can be a stressful time, and thankfully, Dartmouth has the Student Wellness Center (SWC) as a resource for students. 

With several full-time employees and student interns, the SWC is a great space for students to go when they need to relax and rewind. The SWC employees are very approachable and can provide any needed support or just someone to talk to in trying times. Student interns create content for fellow students as well as share student perspectives with the SWC to ensure it has the maximum impact on students.

The SWC is conveniently located on the first floor of Berry Library, so if you ever need to get away from your studying, you can go to the SWC and pick up a snack, use the massage chairs, or even talk with an employee. 

Because I really value the SWC, I decided to do an internship this summer to dive deeper into the center. I worked about 5 hours a week remotely.

My supervisor was amazing, and she gave me autonomy over my work. We would meet on a weekly basis, and I would propose new ideas as well as share my progress on ongoing projects. My biggest projects for the term were gathering student data as well as writing informational pages for the student website. 

This internship gave me the opportunity to analyze data and execute it into easy-to-read pages for students on student wellness. The internship also allowed me to start to understand patient care as I worked to understand the student perspective just as I would a patient.

Overall, this internship was a great learning experience in a new area. I learned a lot about wellness and gathering data for a good cause.

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