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Aerial View of Dartmouth's Campus

If you are planning on visiting Dartmouth's campus, make sure to make the most of your time, because a couple days on campus help determine your decision for the next four years! Here is a list of things you should consider doing while on campus.

  1. Take a tour! The Dartmouth tour guides are fantastic and want to share their enthusiasm for their school with potential students. Don't be afraid to ask questions about academics, social life, and everything in between. 
  2. Visit a program or department you're interested in. On my visit, I went to both the Dartmouth Center for Social Impact and ROTC office to see if the programs were a good fit for me and to have information to write about in my "Why Dartmouth" essay.
    sydney wuu dcsi
    The DCSI connects student learning experiences with the opportunity to explore social issues while addressing community-identified needs!
  3. Eat at a Dartmouth dining facility and/or restaurant in town. Non-Dartmouth students are welcome to try one of the many dining halls on campus. When you're away from home, you're going to want food that you enjoy. My recommendation: Foco's (Class of '53 Commons Food Court) stir fry station that cooks made-to-order steaming stir-fry. In town, Tuk Tuk is a student favorite with a delicious Thai menu; order the Pad See Ew, you won't regret it.
    sydney wuu foco
  4. Talk to a student. If you see a student on campus, stop them and ask them questions! It can seem intimidating, but I promise that Dartmouth students want to tell you about their school. My dad and I noticed a student wearing an Alabama sweatshirt, and we ended up having an hour-long conversation about her experience coming from the South. Bonus: If you recognize a blogger, approach them! They know what they're talking about!
  5. Walk around campus on your own. While a tour is a great way to get acquainted with campus, an hour-long tour is not long enough to get to know a school. Download a Dartmouth interactive map on your phone and just start walking! Go see the football stadium, Occom Pond, and of course Baker-Berry library, among many other places.
  6. See a sports event or performance. Dartmouth sports are exciting, and students really rally around the teams. Dartmouth has many performances throughout a term, so there is bound to be an a cappella, dance, or band performance. Live events convey the energy of the student body.
    The Dartmouth football team
    The Dartmouth football team

If you are able to get to Dartmouth's campus, take in all aspects of the school.

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