Shot of the north end of campus from the top of Baker Tower
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One of the key traditions of Homecoming Weekend is a giant bonfire, with the year of the freshman class at the very top. In order to make this happen, there was a lot of preparation. We built the bonfire, signed wooden boards representing our class and various student organizations, organized fun events, and, most importantly, made sure that homecoming weekend would be both safe and fun for everyone.

Homecoming bonfire building in progress
Bonfire building in progress!

On the night of the bonfire, each housing community gathered at a certain location. I am part of School House, so we all met at our house center, the Cube! There was pizza, face paint, temporary tattoos, and glowsticks. Everyone was decked out in Dartmouth and School House spirit!

Eventually, we all heard the sound of bagpipes, which led a parade of students. We left the Cube and quickly joined the parade (otherwise known as the sweep), and walked to each of the first-year dorms, picking up more students along the way. The entire class of 2027 walked together to the bonfire, which was a sight to behold, with upperclassmen and alumni chanting.

The bonfire was breathtakingly beautiful, even amidst the pouring rain. I had never seen a fire so big in my life! Watching the flames burn was mesmerizing, and I could even feel the heat of the fire!

Giant bonfire
Bonfire 🔥

I continued to watch the bonfire with my friends, letting the live music surround me. None of us had ever danced in the rain in the middle of the street, and the streets were closed, so we decided to do just that. It was pouring, we were soaked; it was fantastic.

The next day, all of the house communities hosted a watch party of "Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour." We all walked to the Nugget, a theatre in downtown Hanover, and got to watch Swift's performances for free! My friends and I managed to snag front-row seats, so we had an amazing view of Taylor Swift on the big screen. We sang along until our voices became hoarse while dancing in a big circle.

My first homecoming weekend at Dartmouth was one of the most memorable days so far. I can't wait to experience it again in the future! 

Group photo of people standing in front of a large bonfire
Us enjoying the bonfire!

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