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What an amazing term! From snowsports to Dartmouth's winter traditions, this term was defined by its endless amount of learning experiences and personal firsts. As I wait to board my flight at Boston Logan International Airport to head back to my hometown for spring break, I reflect on the most memorable aspects that made this term one of my favorites (so far).

January proved to be an eventful term, as it marked my return to campus after an incredibly rejuvenating winter break as well as the beginning of winter term classes. From the beginning of course elections during fall term, my schedule was bound to be jam-packed as soon as I stepped back on campus (which you can read about in one of my previous blog posts), but that made free time for myself, friends, and on-campus events/activities much more valuable.

blog_4320 × 3240_snowballfight
My friends and I at the campus-wide snowball fight!

On January 7th, just a few days following the start of the term, an email with the subject line "Would you, could you, in the snow?" found its way into the inboxes of every Dartmouth student. This served as an invitation from Theodor Geisel, better known by his pseudonym, Dr. Seuss, to partake in one of Dartmouth's annual traditions held on the night of winter term's first snowfall: a campus-wide snowball fight in front of Baker-Berry Library! Soon after this, I learned how to ice skate (which I reflected on in my previous blog post), started a radio show through Dartmouth College Radio (WebDCR–stay tuned for a blog post in the near future), and attended my first hockey game at TD Garden in Boston! This was simply a precursor to an even longer string of firsts in the coming months of the term.

blog_4320 × 3240_learningtoskate
My friends and I learning how to ice skate at Thompson Arena.
blog_4320 × 3240_radioshow
Me in the WebDCR studio for the first episode of my radio show!
blog_4320 × 3240_tdgarden
My friend and I at TD Garden in Boston for my first hockey game!

As I wrote about in yet another of my previous posts, February offered Dartmouth students the beginning of the 114th Annual Winter Carnival, a visit from Saturday Night Live comedian Marcello Hernandez, and a formals season in the Greek life community, respectively. To celebrate the approaching end of winter term and the commencement of finals season, Frost Lights (after Robert Frost, the renowned poet and Dartmouth alum) served as an outdoor celebration of LED light and sound displays, photo opportunities, and bonfires atop Observatory Hill to commemorate a successful term.

blog_2802 × 2102_marcello
Marcello Hernandez after his comedy show at Collis Student Center.
blog_4320 × 3240_frostlights
My friends and I at the end-of-term Frost Lights event!

The culmination of winter term was the first week of March, and after ending ice skating lessons, academic courses, and finals, I was able to relax and recharge in my hometown for spring break. Although I will miss this term dearly due to the sheer number of new opportunities it brought me, I am thrilled to experience all that the Big Green has to bring in the spring. Until next term, Dartmouth.

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