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To East Coast Flora and the Greenery of the Big Green,

My first impression of you was one of grandeur, one that was outlined by your immensity and expansiveness. You surrounded me on my drive up to campus and immediately drew my attention away from whatever movie the Dartmouth Coach bus was playing on its tiny overhead TV screens. I had never seen anything like you in Western Nebraska–no balsam firs, red spruces, or gray birches, no sugar or red maples. You were spectacular to me one month ago as I first stepped foot onto campus, and you are still spectacular to me now, more so as the fall season reaches its peak here in Hanover.

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A spire peaking out behind some vibrant fall foliage

Each of my walks to class, although oftentimes chilly and foggy or rainy and wet, has been highlighted by your vivid shades of red, orange, and amber. I find myself putting my phone down more often than I had before coming to Dartmouth for the sole purpose of taking you all in and immersing myself in a beauty I had never experienced in person before. Going into this term, I had known that Dartmouth's connection to nature was strong, but I didn't realize how direct of an impact that connection would make on me as an individual. 

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Fallen leaves around the Church of Christ

You have caused me to become more aware of the environment surrounding me, to not take your radiant fall color pallet for granted. Allowing me to place less focus on the stress I may endure from class workloads and extracurriculars, you have given me the space to breathe and relax between hours of study and work. 

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Studying Japanese on the Green!

I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to delve into my academics and simultaneously indulge in the beauty you've generously gifted to me, whether that be through picnicking on the Green before Baker-Berry Library or walking along the edge of Occom Pond. Seeing the extent of the nature I've heard so much about has given me the chance to admire you, and "the granite of New Hampshire," more than I could have ever expected. 


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