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***This blog post is being published after Green Key***

With Green Key, Dartmouth's most anticipated spring music tradition, quickly approaching, student band Read Receipts prepares to perform as the opening act before musicians Young M.A. and Shaggy take the stage. After winning Battle of the Bands, an event hosted by the Dartmouth Programming Board that determines which student band performs as an opener for Green Key, in late April, the group has been eagerly practicing for an unforgettable night of music. Here's what guitarist Jackson Yassin '26 had to say about this surreal opportunity!

Q: Before we get into questions about Read Receipts, could you give us a brief introduction about yourself and what you're involved in on campus?

A: My name is Jackson Yassin. I'm a sophomore majoring in computer science and minoring in English. On campus I do a lot of music. I play in three student bands (Coast, Read Receipts, and Frank), and I also write. 

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Jackson '26

Q: How did you first get into playing music?

A: I first got into music in my school district's band program, and I ran with it ever since.

Q: How did you guys feel when you won Battle of the Bands in April, and what went into preparing for it?

A: We were honestly super surprised when we won BotB (Battle of the Bands). We weren't expecting it, so it didn't really feel real for the first few days after it. However, once we decided on a set list and a practice schedule, it definitely got real. Prepping has both been fun but also stressful. I think almost everyone really understands the stakes of this show so it's pushed a lot of us to practice hard. We've had a lot more practice than for a usual show, so hopefully it'll pay off.

Q: How are you guys getting ready for Green Key, and conversely, do you feel ready to take the stage in front of Dartmouth's student body?

A: Practicing this much has caused problems, though, as we're not always all on the same page. I think we'll be ready for Friday, but regardless of what happens, it'll be fun. 

Q: What should prospective students know about the live music culture here, and what advice can you give them if they want to start their own band in college?

A: For prospective students, I would say live music here is definitely an active thing. Starting a band is really as easy as getting a few friends together and reaching out to people at fraternities or even local restaurants like Sawtooth in order to get a gig, and usually it'll work out. The one thing that disappoints me a bit is the lack of live, original music from students, but that's something I think bands in the future are definitely going to do more of.

Thanks for your insight, Jackson! If you're interested in playing in a student band in college, the amount of peer support and the variety of opportunities for performing is endless. There is no limit to the arts here on Dartmouth's campus, and its student bands are only one example of this fact. Be sure to check out Read Receipts on Instagram, and get excited for more Green Key posts from me and other fellow bloggers in the very near future!

blog_585 × 457_readreceipts
The student band Read Receipts!

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