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The Green the first day of 23Winter: Volume 2

Though it has almost been a year since I got admitted to Dartmouth, I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that I am a student here! This time last year, I have just gotten into my first few colleges, probably screaming with excitement in my high school's dorm.

"I'm off to the US for college!"

Fortunately, I was blessed to have gotten into amazing schools, including Dartmouth. Naturally, I had a plethora of choices in front of me, all leading to great outcomes.

I chose Dartmouth based on its setting being something I never experienced as a person who lived in a big city their entire life and the subsequent community the setting brings about. Nevertheless, what made me choose Dartmouth a year ago is not as relevant anymore since my reasons have drastically shifted over the past 5 months. Instead of reflecting on what made me choose Dartmouth then, I want to elaborate on what makes me choose Dartmouth every single day I spend on this campus.

I wake up and choose Dartmouth as I hear birds chirping on my way to the dining hall. I choose Dartmouth when I go out of my way to seize the unique opportunities offered across the campus. I choose Dartmouth when I get to see and wave at my friend from First-Year Trips, my professor from last term, and the College's president within a five-minute walk from the dining hall to the library. In short, I choose Dartmouth every day by immersing myself in this uniquely welcoming community.

View from Third Floor Berry Library
View from Third Floor Berry Library

Why do I keep on choosing Dartmouth? I feel appreciated for my personality and aspirations on all corners of campus. I get to take an ice-skating course for physical education and somehow strike a balance between academics, wellness, and social life (without compromising on sleep; I love my sleep). I am surrounded by amazing peers from all over the world, some of whom I am happy to consider dear friends. I keep on choosing Dartmouth because I have never been appreciated for staying true to myself until I came here.

Last week during one of my classes, we tackled the question "How Many Lives Are You?" In the case of college admission, each school would cultivate a different life trajectory. In choosing one over the others, it felt as though I was missing out on amazing opportunities regardless of where I chose to commit. Being sad about what you let go of is a by-product of having awesome opportunities to choose from. Thus, instead of ruminating on what I let go of, I am grateful that I let them go to follow what Dartmouth has to offer me over the next four years and beyond.

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