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A picture of a snowy pathway as I walked back to my dorm from the snowball fight.

It was 11:01 pm on a cold, Sunday night. My Public Policy readings and my 3-paged reflection were embedded in the back of my mind as I began preparing to sleep for my 9S (a 9:05-9:55 class on Dartmouth's class schedule). Suddenly, I received an email from "Theodor S. Geisel '25":

"Snow! There's snow! There's lots of snow!

Lots and lots of snow to throw!


You can throw it if you're cold,

You can throw it if you're old,

You can throw it if you're young

You can throw it with your tongue!


You can throw it on The Green,

You can throw it at your dean!

If in the BEMA you get lost,

Throw your snow at Robert Frost!


At midnight there will be a fight!

A snowball fight this very night!

Come jump and shout and sing and dance!

Come put snow down someone's pants!


Come join before spring alights,

In a great big giant snowball fight.

Come and throw some snow with me,

You will like it, you will see!"


-Dr. Seuss

The snowball fight represented a welcoming experience upon one of Dartmouth's winter term traditions. Annually, it occurs on the first remarkable snowfall of winter term, and every undergraduate student received an email addressed from "Dr. Seuss". It is an encouraging effort informing them to participate on the Dartmouth Green (the central part of campus right across from Baker-Berry library). The significance of Dr. Seuss, otherwise known as Theodor Seuss Geisel, being the sender is that he was a Dartmouth graduate in the Class of 1925. The American cartoonist and author contributed to the college so much, that the medical school was named after him (Geisel School of Medicine).

Intrigued by the idea of attending a snowball fight with my friends, I quickly left my room with my puffer, gloves, and earmuffs in tow. As soon as I stepped foot on the Green, I was caught in the crossfire. My friends provokingly aimed snowballs at each other, one of them happening to accidentally hit my face. As soon as I recovered from my temporary defeat, I retaliated until I was tired and realized that I still had class the next day. 

A picture of the Dartmouth Green with groups of people playing in the snow during the snowball fight.
My immediate view of groups of people partaking in the snowball fight on the Green.

The snowball fight is one of my favorite traditions at Dartmouth. I enjoyed seeing students coming together and playfully teaming up against each other. Traditions like these have allowed me to get acclimated outside my comfort zone and talk to new people.

My snow angel that I made in front of Dartmouth Hall.
One of the snow angels that my friends and I made in front of Dartmouth Hall.

I am looking forward to learning more about other traditions! Stay tuned to learn more about my experiences during winter term!

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