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Antonio's friend in the bus

Hello from Hanover, NH!
As you might know, between March 14th and 27th, Dartmouth students were sent away for Spring Break — also known as "springterim" around here, the interim time between Winter and Spring terms. However, not all of us actually left campus for this period. While many of my friends were posting pictures around the world — Miami, Punta Cana, Tulum, or just from home — I was here, in my dorm room. But no, this was not a problem at all!

Staying on campus has been a lot of fun, honestly. I chose to stay so my boyfriend and I could enjoy the beauty of the Dartmouth campus when empty. Since both of us had just returned from study abroad programs last Fall term, it is fair to say that we missed the Upper Valley. Although our original plan was to travel around New England, visit friends in Boston and New York, I'm happy we ended up just hanging out around Hanover. 

Since I am still working on a research project, it was good to have the time and energy to focus on my work. I am honestly amazed to see how I managed to both chill and relax in preparation for the new term, but also grind on what I needed and be productive. 

Antonio's family visiting campus
An unexpected visit from my aunt and cousin!

Some other highlights of my time here this break have also been just walking around campus! It's crazy to see how different Dartmouth can look when there is no one else around. Even though it's been a year and a half since I moved up here, I am still caught in awe of the amazing sights and views. 

And, not only is our campus beautiful, but it is connected to the "real world" as well. Whenever I felt the need for a fresh breeze of city vibes, I took the public transportation to West Lebanon or White River Junction — the two closest cities to Hanover. There, I could go shopping, visit museums, and take a break from the bucolic sight of campus :)


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