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Antonio's friends in a polaroid

I can name you thousands of reasons why I decided to come to Dartmouth – from the natural landscape to the academic rigour, this is exactly the college I dreamt about as a high school student. As a new wave of students finds out their admission results and stress over the indecision and the questioning of where they would fit better, I revisited my "Why Dartmouth" essay and thought of sharing what brought me here. 

As a prospective Linguistics major, a strong department with renowned professors was very important to me. At Dartmouth, Linguistics has extremely interesting courses and research projects that, so far, I have been enjoying to the fullest. Currently, I am taking my second class in the department, but have had the chance to meet many other professors and major students who share this passion for the field. In Experimental Phonetics (LING 20), I have been doing research on minority languages spoken on our campus – getting to know peers who have the most diverse mother tongues and learning to record and transcribe these speeches. 

Being part Indigenous, something I carry very close to my heart is the revitalisation of our ancestral language. Before applying here, I already knew some big names in the department due to their research and publications. Prof. Whaley and Prof. Stanford are experts in the field, and I always find myself in awe when I remember I used to read their papers even before becoming their student. 

Another thing I took into consideration when choosing Dartmouth as my new home was the large communities I would be able to take part in. Being Indigenous, it meant the world to me when I arrived and was welcomed by the Native community. Similarly, the Dartmouth Brazilian Society – to which I was recently elected a treasurer! – has been a kind of home away from home. 

Antonio and friends in front of FOCO
Some friends and I!

Along with an incredible financial aid package, the strong sense of community and the academic liberty and quality were the biggest factors in my coming here. However, as I stated in my essay, another strong reason for me to choose Dartmouth was simply that… "I look good in green!

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