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Several sets of DND dice super duper artistically arranged to imitate the Lone Pine Dartmouth logo.

If you're the brand of nerd or geek that can't go long without digging their claws into a little fantasy gaming, Dartmouth won't let you down. In my experience, the TTRPG (tabletop role-playing game) scene at this beloved Ivy leaves little to be desired – and I'll tell you why.

Finding Campaigns

I was lucky enough to stumble into like-minded friends who were avid D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) fans early in my first year here at Dartmouth. But even so, many of them were upperclassmen already in well-established campaigns. Where was I supposed to find one I could join, rather than just hear about? 

Thankfully, one of my friends told me about the Creative Gaming Club. This club meets once a week to play board games, and about once per term they do an event where multiple DMs and GMs (aka Dungeon Masters and Game Masters – basically, the person who runs and organizes D&D games) host one-shots (one-shots refer to games of Dungeons & Dragons or other TTRPGs that only last for one long meeting, instead of stretching on across weeks, months, or years like full-fledged campaigns.) And, though the club itself does not host any full campaigns, DMs will often advertise their games on the club's GroupMe. Through this GroupMe, I was able to play in a term-long campaign (10 weeks) in both the winter and spring terms.

Through talking to similarly nerdy friends, I've also found a few other group chats and discord servers where Dartmouth students advertise and organize campaigns. This fall I'll be participating in a campaign formed on one of these informal servers, and I'm really excited!

Through the Dungeons and Dragons campaigns I've played I've made friends I may never have met otherwise: folks with completely different majors, extracurricular involvements, and class years. I'm thankful for the camaraderie and memories these games brought me during my first year here at Dartmouth, and I am excited to continue playing in games on campus in later terms!

Bonus: A Shoutout to The Fourth Place!

Did you know that the small town of Hanover has its own geeky gaming store? I bought my first set of D&D dice at The Fourth Place, as well as a dice bag, spell cards, and other D&D accessories. In addition to D&D stuff, the store sells tons of comics and merchandise for every classic nerd and geek franchise (everything from Marvel to Minecraft). The store also hosts weekly game nights and other events open to the community. It's a super fun store to have in a small college town, and I'm thoroughly grateful for it!

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