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Posing with the Harvest of a Farm Workday!

I can proudly say that I have been a fan of the Dartmouth Organic Farm since Day One. In fact, I signed up for Farm Club in the very first week of my freshman fall… 

But I must admit that I never went because I got completely swept up in the excitement of my first term. 

But now I return to you all, readers, with glorious news: I did it. I went to the O Farm this term. And I am READY to tell you all about it.

The Dartmouth Organic Farm, much like Dartmouth itself, sits on the Connecticut River. It's about a 5-10 minute drive from campus, and easily accessible by signing up for Farm Work Days or other O Farm events via the DOC (Dartmouth Outing Club) website, Trailhead

I signed up for a couple of Farm Work Days this term; this term work days were Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8-10am. Folks who signed up get a free ride to and from the O Farm, and are back on campus just in time for 10As (the Tu/Th class period from 10:10-12:00, a very popular time slot for students and professors to take and hold classes). This time worked really well with my schedule this term. Though I'm not a morning person, I loved these work days: they forced me to get up, get out into the fresh morning air, and get myself moving. They were really fun mornings, and I got to meet some great people. And do cool stuff like pick corn! And chives! Stuff I've never done before! And: (prepare yourself for a corny line, pun intended) isn't that what college is all about?

Chives and I <3
Chives and I <3


A Pizza My Heart: From Seeds to Slices

And let's be honest: mornings in the field were far from enough for me. Thankfully, Farm Club hosted weekly pizza dinners at the farm, catered by pizza-oven certified Farm club leaders making delicious pizzas in the O Farm's own wood-fired pizza oven. These pizza dinners were not only delicious but also hosted completely free of charge (music to a broke college student's ear). These events allowed us to craft our own pizzas, experiment with both store-bought AND farm-fresh toppings, and enjoy the literal fruits of our labor together. 

O Farm Pizza!
O Farm Pizza!

Harvesting Memories at Harfest 2023

My family came up to visit me for a weekend this term, and the weekend in question was the weekend of Harfest 2023. Harfest is a Harvest Festival hosted at the Dartmouth Organic Farm each fall, and I seized the opportunity to bring them along with me to the O Farm for this event. While there, we helped ourselves to warm apple cider, freshly popped popcorn, s'mores by the campfire, and, of course, more pizza! They were sow delicious.

We explored the farm together, appreciating both the autumnal beauty and farm's charm while enjoying the food and each other's company. It was a wholesome afternoon that perfectly encapsulated the peace and joy I've harvested at the O Farm this term.

View of O Farm during Harfest
View of O Farm during Harfest

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