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In Dartmouth's Classrooms, a Poet Finds His Voice

America's Most Promising Young Poet of 2023, Edgar Morales '24 wrote his first collection of poetry after reading The Poet X in a Latinx Intergenerational Literature class at Dartmouth.

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A photo of Edgar Morales '24

Dartmouth Researchers Call for Energy Justice in the Global South

Cofounder of Dartmouth's Energy Justice Clinic, Dr. Sarah Kelly works with research assistant Nadine Lorini Formiga '25 to study just energy transitions in Latin America.

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A photo of Nadine Formiga '25 and Dr. Sarah Kelly

Innovating For Impact

Innovative ideas come to life at Dartmouth, where bold solutions to the world's most pressing challenges spark collaboration across disciplines—and undergraduates play key roles in making that happen

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A photo of Rashad Brown Mitchell '24, a teaching assitant at the Machine Shop

My "Why Dartmouth"

In her final year at Dartmouth, Eliza Holmes, a member of the Class of 2025, revisits the "Why Dartmouth" supplemental writing prompt from her application for admission.

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A photo of senior fellow Eliza Holmes '24

Basecamp to the World

Students share that the benefits from Dartmouth's Language Immersion Programs go beyond improved language skills—they also experienced immense positive impacts on their mental health.

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A photo of a square in Italy

A Mental Health Advocate Creates a Culture of Care

Goldwater Scholarship recipient Caroline Conway '24, supports peers as co-president of the Mental Health Union while laying the foundation for her future research career in the SCRAP laboratory.

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A photo of Caroline Conway '24

An Engineer Applies a Human-Centered Lens to Medical Research

The Mathematical Concepts in Engineering and Design Thinking classes that Moses Matanda '25 took during his first year at Dartmouth helped him discover how to bring the best of engineering into medicine.

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A photo of Moses Matanda '25


Highlights from Big Green Athletics's 35 varsity sports, 35 club teams, and 24 intramural teams featuring Dartmouth Football's Ivy Champion win, Heavyweight Rowing, and Women's Cross Country.

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A photo of Dartmouth's football team playing a game on their home field

Dartmouth Musicians Bring Mexican Compositions to the International Stage

Abi Pak '26 performed original Mexican music in Mexico—a 2023 trip supported by Wind Ensemble director Brian Messier's ongoing commitment to bring Mexican compositions to the international stage.

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A photo of Abi Pak '26 and Dartmouth Wind Ensemble director Brian Messier

D-Plan: Rujuta Pandit '24

Rujuta Pandit '24, a engineering sciences major, shares snapshots of her Dartmouth experiences through the lens of the D-Plan, Dartmouth's flexible, year-round study plan.

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An illustration of Rujuta Pandit '24 indicating a number of her interests including skiing and the White House

A Pre-Health Student Draws on His Rural Roots

Ramsey Ash '24 arrived at Dartmouth ready to study engineering, but a first-year class by professor Craig opened his eyes to the possibility of becoming a doctor.

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A photo of Ramesy Ash '24 in Dunk's Sports Grill

A Government Major and Public Policy Expert Study Factors at Play in Elections

Professor Barabas '93 brought Carson Goh '25 on as his research assistant in Carson's first Dartmouth term—they have since been researching a wide spectrum of topics within American politics.

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A photo of Carson Goh '25 and Jason Barabas '93 standing in front of white columns

A Coder Curates Technology for Campus Art

An art history major and computer science minor finds intersections between the two, and considers new ways to study art in and out of the classroom

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A photo of Emil Liden '25 standing in the Black Family Visual Art Center

An Engineer Joins Forces with First-Year Students to Explore the Roots of Intelligence

Professor of Engineering Peter Chin's lab seeks to understand the neuroscientific basis of intelligence. Last year, two of his first-year students conducted paid research, gaining early hands-on experience.

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A photo of professor Peter Chin Iroda Abdulazizova '26 and Kimberly Girola-Guzman '26

Putting the 'Green' in the Big Green

Dartmouth's profound sense of place heightens student's awareness of the precarious condition of the planet, and Dartmouth students, faculty, and staff are taking action to create a more sustainable future.

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A photo of students working at behives at the Dartmouth Organic Farm