Hey everyone!

I can't believe that we are starting week three of classes! Time flies when you're having fun!

This past weekend, my cousin came to visit me from Georgia! I was so excited to spend time with her and show her around our beautiful campus! Here's a list of my favourite things to show my family and friends when they come to visit!

1. The BEMA A long time ago (1860!), Judge Joel Parker gave Dartmouth about 15,000 seedlings. These were planted and now the trees tower over the Big Empty Meeting Area - an outdoor amphitheatre. This space used to house Dartmouth's commencement; now, at the end of freshman orientation, the newest class will light candles and walk to the BEMA together, where they sing the Alma Mater.



2. Frat Row Greek life is a huge part of the culture at Dartmouth as a large percentage of the student body is affiliated. Frat Row, also known as Webster Ave., is home to many of these Dartmouth fraternities and sororities. A walk down Frat Row is a great way to see some incredible New England architecture. President Hanlon's residence is also at the end of this street!


3. Orozco Mural Room: Head downstairs in Baker library and you will be transported back in time through The Epic of American Civilization by Mexican artist, José Clemente Orozco. The mural, which was painted between 1932-1934, tells the story of the development of culture of the United States and is a national historic landmark. Not only is the Mural Room a great place to view some incredible art, it's an awesome place to study!

The Orozco Mural Room in the basement of Baker-Berry Library

4. Ledyard Canoe Club: Head down to the Connecticut River to check out the Ledyard Canoe Club. If you don't feel like jumping in the water, this is a great place!




5. Shattuck Observatory: On Friday nights, the Physics and Astronomy department holds free viewing of the planets, moon and stars! This is a great activity if you have family and friends in town for the weekend!

I hope these are some ideas you can use if you come to visit campus with your family and friends! Dartmouth is such an incredible place to explore, regardless of your interests!


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