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This was the question I asked myself during New Student Orientation, listening to upperclassmen talking about how excited they were for the fall foliage. This week was "peak foliage," a few weeks when the trees are at their most colorful, and…I think I get it!

A view of the trees next to the church on my way to Baker-Berry!

Campus is full of golds and reds, and acorns keep falling from trees around campus. But it's not just campus that is full of the foliage.

This Saturday, I went with my roommate and friend to White Mountain National Forest, a forest about an hour away from campus that's famous for its fall foliage. I was lucky enough to be able to go, and I'm glad I did!

A view from the car!

Rocky Gorge
Rocky Gorge

A view of the mountains--my photos don't really do it justice!

Although we didn't get to go on hikes, the views were wonderful! People were coming from far and wide to the forest, and there were many cars and people. There are many places to hike here, and I hope to come back or into the forest sometime in the future while I'm at Dartmouth during peak fall foliage. And because the Dartmouth Outing Club, the DOC, also hosts many hikes that any student can sign up for, I'm hoping to try some out soon (with a proper camera)!

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