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There are many ways to spend the six weeks between the fall and winter terms, but there's nothing like spending them at home. Here's what I've been doing during winterim!

Preparation for future classes

The extended interim offers a unique opportunity to brush up on topics for future classes that I signed up for (or plan to sign up for). For example, I plan to take a chemistry class in the spring, but I haven't taken one since junior year of high school. I plan to brush up on the basics so I'm not completely thrown off kilter when I take the class!

I am also practicing piano for my IIP to make sure that I don't forget what I've learned in the past term and to get a head start on the next pieces for the winter term!

Spending time with family and friends

Of course, going home means that I get to see my family and friends—I've enjoyed waking up and saying hello to my brother and parents each morning, and watching shows together in the evenings (playing video games, too!). Catching up with friends and learning about how they've spent the last couple months has been very interesting too; despite the different paths they've gone on and experiences they've had, we all share similar feelings, from relief about being home for the holidays to nervous excitement about all that had happened.

Truly reflecting on the term

Since I didn't have much time to stop and think about the term in the middle of the term, having some time to process afterwards has been helpful. What classes did I like, and what did I like about them? Or not so much? From changes to my lifestyle, to bringing new things to New Hampshire next term, to thinking about potential majors I'd like to aim for, there's a lot to think about, but plenty of time to mull it all over.


But, in the end, a break is just that: a break. As much as I'd love to spend all day working on personal projects or hobbies, spending time just relaxing has been fruitful too. The pressure to constantly work looms, but I like to think that prioritizing physical and emotional health is never a regret. I've spent my rest by watching comfort shows and playing video games—it's been a wonderful time.

Went on a hike, too; the foliage of Los Alamos is a stark contrast from Hanover, but equally pretty!

Happy holidays!

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